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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn more about golf, swimming, and dining at Steel Club?

How do I find out more about the home plans?

What are the future plans for Steel Club?

How do I buy a home?

How much money down do I have to put and where is it going to reside?

  • You will put 20% down.
  • It will be deposited in an escrow account with the title company, ABE Abstract.

Is financing available?

Do you have to be a Steel Club member?

Are golf carts included with the home?

  • Yes, housed in your home's golf cart garage!

Are they townhouses or condos?

What is the square footage of the homes?

  • The homes will range from 1500 to 4000 square feet.

When will the homes be built?

  • A total of 159 homes will be built in three phases. The Ross Hill phase of 37 homes will be built from 2023-2024.
  • The Fairway Woods phase is planned for 2024.
  • The Turn phase is planned for 2025.

How do I customize my home?

  • You will meet with our professional design staff to design everything from the kitchens and bathrooms to paint colors.
  • You may use your own interior designer at your cost if you choose.

Do you allow floor plan changes?

  • Yes, but those changes may be subject to an hourly rate.

Can the exterior finishes of the homes be changed?

  • No, the homes have been designed in keeping with the overall look of Steel Club.

How long will it take to build the house?

  • 6 to 10 months from foundation to finish.

What inspections are being done?

  • The townhouses are permitted and inspected through Lower Saucon Township.

What are the taxes on the property?

  • The taxes are based on the value of the home
    • Local: Lower Saucon Township
    • County: Northampton
    • School: Saucon Valley School District

Are the homes built in a flood zone?

  • No.

Is the primary bedroom suite on the first floor?

  • Yes, all homes have a primary bedroom suite on the first floor.

How many bedrooms?

  • There will be 2-5 bedrooms varying by design.

How many bathrooms?

  • There will be 2-6 bathrooms varying by design.

What is the size of the garage?

  • All homes have a large two-car garage with a custom storage area.
  • All homes include a golf cart garage.

Will there be a model house?

  • No, all homes are built to suit each owner.

Is the laundry room on the first floor?

  • Yes. 

How many levels?

  • All homes have a basement and first floor, and some homes have a second floor.

Is there a bathroom in the basement?

  • Every basement has bathroom provisions.

Who is the builder?

  • Spirk Brothers, a 38-year Lehigh Valley construction company, is the builder.

Who now owns the land where my townhouse will be built?

  • Steel Land owns all the property, including the land where Steel Club’s clubhouse and golf course operate.

From whom will I buy my lot/home?

  • You will buy your lot/home from Steel Land.

Who will ultimately own the Ross Hill roadways and cart paths?

  • Steel Land will ultimately own the Ross Hill roadways and cart paths.

Can we have our own garden?

  • Yes, in a limited area next to the rear of your house.
  • There will be a community garden as well.

What are the limitations for pets?

  • Three animals are allowed per house.
  • No aggressive breeds are allowed.

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